A 'Green' Estate

For almost a year now, we have been working closely with an environmental group (SME, Système de Management Environnemental) and other wine-makers in the area. We are working together to establish the impact of our activity on the environment and how we can minimise this impact indefinitely. To this end, we will receive the certificate ISO (International Standard Organisation) 14001 (an internationally recognised certificate for environmentally friendly management).

Since 2011, we have been using the « Oenoview » system.


It is a system that is beneficial to both us and the environment. Satellite imagery is able to detect the rate of photosynthesis in all of our vines, thus enabling us to maximise our harvest dates and to fertilise our vines more accurately. As a result, we can treat our vines accordingly in order to obtain the best grapes possible, all whilst respecting and preserving our landscape.



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